EFC Journey So far

Expeditions for Cause: Journey So Far 

Thanks for your unconditional support!!

With your blessings, a small and humble beginning has turn out to be a mass awareness program. It is been more than 24 months now that this organization has started working on various awareness campaign on different subject like : Swachh Bharat , Swachh Ganga , Project Theli , Expeditions “Pankh” for under privileged kids and many more . It is very eventful journey so far and EFC thanks to all for overwhelming response & feedback. Our awareness program has reached to masses and eventually we have learned a lot on the difficulties they are facing. We are implementing the learning of journey in upcoming programs and awareness campaigns.

EFC Campaigns

1.0  Swachh Bharat Awareness Campaign “फेंकिए मत… सड़क पर  –   Educating the Educated!!

Expedition   “Do Not litter”..  on road or  फेंकिए मत   ….. सड़क पर is an  awareness campaign started with a objective of educating the educated.  EFC  started this campaign last year  from Gurgaon and till today this campaign has covered more than 36 cities with a  message and request Do not Litter on road.  This campaign is an ongoing process and will remain continue. During this campaign EFC distributes portable reusable dustbins to carry along or keep in our Cars.   It is very important that that we stop throwing garbage on road.  Littering on roads or cities is extra burden to the government machinery. We have seen in many cities all efforts of government machinery are dedicated to clean and collect garbage.  Unfortunately we have converted our cities into a big dustbin. This awareness program will be done more aggressively throughout India.

  • Started in year 2010 and still ongoing process
  • 36 + cities covered so far
  • 1 Million Litter Bags / portable dustbins distributed

2.0 Swachh Ganga Expedition

Expedition “Do not litter”.. road to Ganga ( “फेंकिए मत”.. सड़क से गंगा तक ) is an awareness campaign along Ganga was successfully  executed in November  2014  between Devprayag and Rishikesh.  This awareness campaign  and cleaning process started from  Devprayag and concluded at Rishikesh,  a 80 KM of cleaning drive executed by hundreds of volunteers from Delhi, Gurgaon, Devprayag and Rishikesh.

  • Started in year 2014 and still ongoing process
  • 80 Km of Ganga cleaned , thrash handed over to zero waste
  • Continuous awareness campaign at various places

3.0  Expedition “Pankh” : Every Child Deserves a Chance

“Pankh” is an initiative from EFC for underprivileged kids.  EFC Explained ” each child has his own dreams and wish to see them fulfilled in his life.  When these kids are from a society which is underprivileged then these dreams are lost in the struggle of basics. EFC  is trying to educate these kids through series of outdoor experiential workshops with an objective to enhance capacity of these children, their ability to think, ability to understand, ability to learn, ability to fulfill their own dreams.  This program happens every month and underprivileged kids from the different evening schools are taken out for the workshops.  EFC  has inaugurated a pilot project of setting up “Digital Pay Ground “, a computer Labs for these kids. Finally these labs will be set up at remote locations where is labs are most needed. EFC is also planning a request program called donate in laptop for Labs. This program will be launched very soon under “Pankh” initiative.

  • Started in Oct 2015 and still ongoing process
  • 30 successful workshops has been done
  • 2000 + students touched
  • Regular feedback and Interaction classes
  • 20+ Industry and professional interactions for motivation and Inspirations
  • Started pilot project “Digital Play Ground”

 4.0 Project Theli : (Project थैली)

Project Theli is logical end to use of polythene in our daily purchases and use. Inspired by Shri Rajen Parikh, EFC has taken up this project as logical end to use of polythene bags in our daily lives. As we all experience that for our daily needs and random purchase from bazaar we depends on polythene or “Plastic ki Theli” “ प्लास्टिक की थैली  ” . We take it as granted and assume that shopkeeper we provide this Theli.  Project थैली  is systematic approach to remove this theli from our practice and daily lives.

  • Started in Dec 2015 and still ongoing process
  • 10000 + bags being produced and distributed
  • Employment generated
  • 5000 + volunteers has taken a pledge in and around gurgaon for not using poly bags
  • Planning to produce 50000 bags by year end

5.0 Expedition “Do not litter” @  International craft Mela Surajkund 2015 & 16 & My City Pledge

EFC , Ministry of Tourism, Haryana , International craft Mela authority, Schools and Citizen volunteers came together  to run a mass awareness program called (“फेंकिए मत. … सड़क पर ” )  “Do not litter”.. on roads. This campaign was designed to deliver a message and requesting people not to litter on roads and cities.   The campaign was successfully executed and was appreciated by general public visiting Mela this year.  Many volunteers and School participated in the same.  This same awareness program will also be repeated in the future craft Mela’s.

  • Started in year 2015 and we participated in 2015 & 2016 Mela
  • Appoint by Govt of Haryana and Surajkund mela Authority
  • 5 million people visited this year
  • Observed cleanest mela this year
  • 4000 Pledge for my city my pride signed
  • 1 lakh plus people contacted
  • 1 lakh + litter bags distributed

Road ahead…

EFC has planned a series of awareness campaigns for the year ahead. Some of them are as under :

  • Swatch Ganga expedition 2 : Allahabad to Varanasi
  • Awareness program “Do Not Litter” on road for schools of Delhi NCR.
  • Regular experiential outdoor program “Pankh” every month
  • Setting up “Digital Play Ground: a computer lab in remote schools under “Pankh”
  • Pledge “My City My Pride”
  • Adopting rural Govt School for Pank Activities