Ganga Expeditions

Swachh Ganga Expedition 1&2

Expedition “Do not litter”.. road to Ganga ( “फेंकिए मत”.. सड़क से गंगा तक ) is an awareness campaign along Ganga was successfully executed in November 2014 between Devprayag and Rishikesh. This awareness campaign and cleaning process started from Devprayag and concluded at Rishikesh, a 80 KM of cleaning drive executed by hundreds of volunteers from Delhi, Gurgaon, Devprayag and Rishikesh. In this series EFC has announced the second expedition starting and ending in November. This expedition will cover 150 + KM through Ganga to educate the people along the river and finally will end with mass awareness program at Varanasi.

• Started in year 2014 and still ongoing process
• 80 Km of Ganga cleaned , thrash handed over to zero waste
• Planning on 150+ km Allahabad to Varanasi

How Can you help ?

1. Be a partner to the project
2. Corporate and their employee can participate as EFC Volunteers
3. Donate water proof trash bags for Devprayag / Rishikesh area (cost rs500 / bag)
4. Donate Bags with your branding for road activity (Cost of the bag ranges from 7rs to 25rs / bag )
5. Sponsor the expeditions at different cities (cost of rishkesh Ganga Expeditions – 3.5 lacs // Allahabad to Varanasi Expedition – 12 Lacs )
6. Sponsor dress for EFC volunteers with your logo (T shirts )