My City, My Pride: Take a Pledge this Republic Day!!

Expeditions for Cause (EFC) of the organization involving thousands of volunteers and members celebrating this Republic Day as Pledge Day and this year as a pledge year. Inspired by “Be the change you want to see in this world” words from Mahatma Volunteers have decided to be the change and change agents. The day we assume our city as our home solutions to our most of the problem will be visible. EFC is starting this program from gurgaon on 26th January, Republic day of India. Started on 26th Jan with blessings and support of Maitri Kalyan Manch , Gurgon.

Under this program, People will take a pledge and EFC will certify the same, program will available both off-line and on-line. These pledge papers will be available with Efc and other Volunteer Organizations. The resolution / pledge is :

I Pledge for Better City I live in as it is my home and

I promise:

• I will never throw any garbage on road or Public Place
• I will use litter bag in my car & empty the same in dustbins
• I will Inspire people for using dustbins
• I will not use plastic bags
• I will follow the traffic rules


We appeal to all : Please take this Pledge for your city. If you wish to do it online please Log on to: or else Please contact EFC.
EFC is a Gurgaon based volunteer organization that has transformed a small opening in a major campaign. It si working on various National issues like : Swachh Bharat , Swachh Ganga and Campaign dedicated primary education called “Pankh”.

Please pledge …. This is for your city and your country.

Let us all come together and Pledge for our dream city and dream India !!