Project Theli

Project Theli : (Project थैली)

Project Theli is logical end to use of polythene in our daily purchases and use. Inspired by Shri Rajen Parikh, EFC has taken up this project as logical end to use of polythene bags in our daily lives. As we all experience that for our daily needs and random purchase from bazaar we depends on polythene or “Plastic ki Theli” “ प्लास्टिक की थैली ” . We take it as granted and assume that shopkeeper we provide this Theli. Project थैली is systematic approach to remove this theli from our practice and daily lives.

• Started in Dec 2015 and still ongoing process
• 5000 + bags being produced and distributed
• Employment generated
• 5000 + volunteers has taken a pledge in and around gurgaon for not using poly bags
• Planning to produce 50000 bags by year end